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Trader's Lounge

As part of our Discord Server, we host an online community of traders, from all around the world, trading a wide range of different products and markets. We welcome all into this online melting pot we have named the Trader’s Lounge for its easy-going feel. Here you might find Trader’s bouncing trade ideas off one another or occasionally just laughing together about the ups and downs of life as a trader.

Overall, a very beneficial setting as an independent trader and we would recommend joining, even if you don’t wish to conversate.

DAXMaster's Beginner Course

As an option for novice traders looking to be a part of the DAXMasters family, we offer an introductory course to ensure them that they are of adequate understanding to make use of the signals we provide.

The idea of one-off courses to teach the trading just doesn’t sit right with us, nor does it fit the reality of what trading is about – for that reason we do not offer the course individually, only instead as an optional addition to the first month’s membership to fast track new members to the level of understanding they need to be to earn as they learn.

Graduation Caps
Data on a Touch Pad

Free Resources

DAXMasters has a range of free educational content as well as widgets to aid independent traders in their efforts. They are completely free of charge, no card details or account with DAXMasters needed – simply join the Discord server (also free!) and head to the ‘#free-resources’ section. Enjoy!