DAXMasters Premium


What is it?

DAXMasters Premium is our ground-breaking signals and education service.

We are as innovative in our approach to trading as we are in our approach to education. We do not just sell a one-off course and leave our clients to fend for themselves like many of our competitors do. We develop traders through our intimate education room, where DAXMasters Premium clients can ask questions directly to our expert traders and have their trade ideas verified by them too. All of this while they are executing our market-beating signals, in turn generating consistent returns and aggressive account growth.

We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity, the results of our Signals are posted on a daily basis in the '#premium-signals-history' channel on our highly populated Discord Server for all to see. 



Live Signals

DAXMasters has a tremendous record of providing precise market-beating signals, consistently delivering significant returns with profits occasionally being ten times the amount risked. Using Price Action setups in the short term and a deep understanding of market sentiment in the long term, we have been able to provide signals of the highest quality for over two years. Feel free to take a look at our month on month record in the ‘premium-signals-history’ feed.


More than just providing clear and direct instructions for trades that our members can generate significant returns from, we want all of our members to understand the process behind developing the trade ideas. Improving our members’ decision making and confidence in their independent trading is of the utmost importance to us. With this in mind, we have created the Education Room - it is here where our dedicated trading team breakdown the process behind generating trade ideas.

The room is a friendly, non-judgemental environment where developing traders can communicate and bounce off experienced ones. Members often speak on the psychological benefits that come with continued support from professional traders. In the room, we aim to cover every challenge a trader can expect to face on their journey to consistent profitability - whether that is technically or emotionally.

Technical Reports

Our partnership with LIO Trading & Research means that our premium members receive daily market sentiment reports, derived from TPO and Footprint Charts, every morning. This services usually comes at the cost of £55pcm but is included for FREE with the DAXMasters Premium subscription.


How much does it cost?

You can receive all the benefits of DAXMasters Premium for just £200pcm.

We have opted to have customers pay monthly rather than an upfront fee so they can earn as they learn without the mental hindrance of being in a huge deficit from the costs of their trading education.

Spoiler: you will not become a sustainably profitable independent trader in one week, or even a month if truth be told. One thing we can promise you is this - at DAXMasters, we don't sell unrealistic expectations about trading. Our clients are made aware of and guided through the extremely difficult process of becoming long-term profitable. However, unlike many of our competitors that charge thousands for a 3-4 day "novice-to-expert crash course", with us, you can start making money from the signals straight away rather than starting in a huge deficit caused by an overpriced course!