DAXMaster's Beginner Course

The headstart every trader wishes they had.

DAXMasters' introductory course ensures new clients that they are of adequate understanding to make use of the signals we provide.

The idea of one-off courses to teach the trading just doesn’t sit right with us, nor does it fit the reality of what trading is about – for that reason we do not offer the course individually, only instead as an optional addition to the first month’s membership to fast track new members to the level of understanding they need to be to earn as they learn.


Who is it for?

We highly recommend novice trader’s to consider adding the DAXMasters Beginner’s course to their subscription for the psychological advancement that it provides – putting them quite literally years ahead. In the space of a few hours, the concepts shared and the philosophies preached are delivered to iron out the inefficiencies in the typical thought patterns and mental approach to trading that often cost traders a lot of time and money to get past, if they ever do get past them that is.

We are not suggesting that this addition is a necessity if you feel you are at an intermediate level already.  Also, we are sure that those that do not select the introductory course as an addition will undoubtedly still pick up on the principles that we preach and the techniques we use. However, in reality, the cost of beliefs about trading that are not consistent with the fact of the job, that could be saved by starting on the right foot mentally, will inevitably amount to much more than the price of the course.


Contents of The Course

Basics of Trading

  • What trading is

  • How products are priced

  • Different means of trading

  • How trades either make or lose money

  • How to enter trades

  • Managing trades (e.g. Adding/Reducing Position size)

  • Different types of orders

  • Basic understanding of Fundamentals and how they affect markets

Basics of Technical Analysis:

  • Introduction to charts

  • Setting up your charts to work with us

  • Introduction to indicators we use

  • Introduction to chart drawings used by us and how to correctly apply them

  • Multi-timeframe analysis

  • Chart Patterns

Psychology & Risk Management:

  • What the REAL aim in trading is

  • How to calculate risk

  • How to quantify your trading to optimise profitability

  • Understanding Risk:Reward in trading

  • How to size your positions

  • Full walk-through of the DAXMasters Concentrated Aggression System