Earn as You Learn


What We Do

A central hub for short-timeframe traders across the globe.

DAXMasters is a trading signals and education company - specialising in day trading the German Dax Index (DAX30). Also, we host a highly populated online Trader’s Lounge where traders from all across the globe communicate ideas and ideologies with one another.


Who is DAXMasters for?

Bottom-line: anybody with a vested interest in trading.

We offer a wide range of services, both free and paid, that are used by traders of vastly differing skillsets and approaches to trading.

DAXMasters Premium, our groundbreaking signals and education service typically works best for the intermediate/advanced trader as we assume a certain level of technical understanding when sending out signals or marking out chart levels to watch out for. However, if you want to be part of DAXMasters but are a complete novice you need not be disheartened - we offer an introductory course for those brand new to trading. The course includes 1-to-1 sessions with one of our expert traders and will ensure that you have adequate enough understanding to start making money from our signals straight away!


The Home of DAXMasters

All of our services are run from our Server on the Discord App. Available for free via web or mobile version, you will find all of our free resources, as well as the Trader's Lounge, within the server. It is also from here where DAXMasters Premium signals and education service is provided, becoming visible upon purchase of the subscription.

It is free and super easy to join! Just click the link below, follow the on-screen instructions and there you have it - you're a DAXMaster!



The DAXMasters Way



Delve deeper into the mechanics of the markets, develop an understanding of the fundamentals behind price movements. Acquire an innate feel and begin to see further into the changes in sentiment. DAXMasters' clients acquire skills that can apply to any market with a price.

Precision Entries

We combine our deep understanding of sentiment to form a bias on a direction; from there, we scour the tiny timeframe price movements and wait for price action setups to arise. The multi-timeframe analysis allows us to get in on broader directional moves with pin-point accuracy and small stop distances - creating significantly better risk/reward offered on our trades.

Risk Intelligence

Unlike most education services, we don't just teach clients technical analysis, or how to spot trades. At DAXMasters, subscribers get to grips with: treating trading like a business, the correct approach to risk and the psychological transformation needed to become profitable.


Statistically Optimised Approach


DAXMasters Concentrated Aggression System

Our innovative, easy to understand, modelled process of growing accounts.

Strategic Compounding

Learn how to systematically grow your account in a manner that protects you from irrational and counter-intuitive decisions regarding increasing and decreasing size. Using DCAS, create a plan of action built for aggressive growth of funds whilst keeping the risk of ruin down to a statistical anomaly.

Tailored Risk Management

A professional and consistent risk management system, based on probabilities derived from stats on your trading. Learn about testing the expectancy of your trading and how to manage the size of your positions from trade to trade.


“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent van Gogh